How to Bind the Steadyview+ELRS backpack to your ELRS TX backpack?

1. To use the Steadyview+ELRS, goggles must be flashed to the lateset firmware. check how to flash the goggles firmware. also you must use ELRS system and TX backpack.
2. The goggles must on steadyview X mode to work with the backpack. also the Steadyview+ELRS must installed on the left bay(HDMI port side)

There are two way to bind the backpack.

Use binding phrase
flash the firmware with bingding phrase. settings is below, user must flash the TX-backpack withe same Binding phrase

Manually Binding
1. Power cycle the receiver with usb cable power cycle needs to be within 3 seconds,
The Grean LED on SteadyView+ELRS will double flashing, then repeats, indicating it is in Binding Mode.
2. Using the ExpressLRS Lua script, navigate into the Bind option. Press it once and the LED on both Backpacks should blink once and stay SOLID thereafter.
3. Your Backpacks are now bound and connected and you can now use VTX Administrator on the ExpressLRS Lua script to sync your VTX and VRx modules.

Then user can use ELRS LUA Script's VTX adminstrater to sync the VTX and VRX, also can set an aux swith to start/stop DVR.