How to update the receiver firmware(Steadyview/Rapidmix/ Steadyview+ELRS))

For SteadyView/RapidMix

1There is a tiny boot button on the top board. hold the boot button. Connect receriver to the computer via the USB-C port (windows only)
2.A new removable drive should appear on your computer, then you can release the button now.
3. Copy the firmware file to the drive, while copying, the receiver will install the update at the same time
Once the file copying is done, you can unplug the receiver.

For SteadyView+ELRS
There are two boot button, one is for the SteadyView, one is for VRX-backpack.

For receiver,

1, Hold the boot button and plug the receiver to PC(windows).
2,Computer will automatically install the driver , computer will show a new removable storage .
3, Copy the Firmware File(N32L403_APP_V1.1.1, and Steadyview_ELRS_APP_V1.1.1) to the folder
(Not the SD card). receiver will installing the update at the same time. when the copying is done, the firmware upgrade is done.

For VRX-backpack

1.Download the ExpressLRS Configurator
2.Hold the ELRS boot button, connect the receiver to the computer via USB-C cable.

Settings like below

If you want add bingding phrase, make sure you TX backpack Binding phrase is same to the VRX-backpack.