Whats the MIX1/ MIX2/MIX3/ DIV mode

The steadyview(hardware equal or greater than 3.2) have 3 MIX mode and 1 DIV mode.

MIX1: Mix1 mode provides basic fusion processing to reduce excessive intervention of the circuit on the picture

MIX2: Mix2 mode improves synchronization stability, especially under weak signal to maximize synchronization and lock video

MIX3: Mix3 mode enhances the synchronization signal on the basis of Mix2, maximizes the stability of the video image, and maximizes compatibility with other display devices. In this mode, the brightness of the video signal will be reduced

DIV: Div mode, the fusion processing will be turned off, and the receiver will work in the traditional diversity receiving mode, and the audio and video signal output corresponding to the channel with the highest RSSI intensity will be selected.