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How do I remove faceplate in order to install the other one for Sky04X?
What is the difference between SKY04x and SKY04l?

The SKY04X is OLED screen, field of view is also way more bigger than the SKY04L, SKY04L is using LCOS screen, the image quaility is not go as OLED, OLED is way more sharper and clear than LCOS.

How to reflash the the firmware for the steadyview x screen module?

This is the receiver's firmware, to flash the firmware, hold the wheel, and connect it to your PC. Make sure you are using windows. Your PC will show a removable driver, copy both files to the folder. when copy is done, the firmware update is done.

Is there a way to calibrate the gyro with SKY04L?

hold the HT button, then power on, you will hear goggles beep, then gyro calibration is done, also make sure goggles is leveled and keep still

Can SKY4X V1 use the fusion +ELRS board?

Yes, only one left side with ELRS if running Quadversity

Upgrading Skyzone SKY04X FPV Goggles DVR to 60FPS
How and what?
the DVR at 50fps, Is there a way to get it to pal (and 60fps)?

​I think you camera is PAL, thats why is only 50FPS, if you are using NTSC camera, it will record 60FPS.
For goggles version

V1 orignail
V2 60FPS DVR, if user bought the 60FPS DVR kit, the V1 goggles will upgrade to V2, and firmware also need flash to V2.
V3 new MCU due to chip shortage. due to the performance is same, we didnt name the goggles V3, only hardware is named V3.

this explained why we still user V2 sticker on goggles

The DBI of SKY02O those two antennas?


Will 1 3 GHz reciver work inside steadyviev x ground station?


Is steadyview x recommended for image fusion instead of fr normal?

steadyview x mode is special designed for steadyviwe x receiver(the one with screen and ELRS backpack), for stock receiver, you must use rf normal or rf third party

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