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FPV Equipment

Customer review

Excellent product, It inclued all parts, the button, screw, module bar.....ect everything , and excellent customer service responded quickly to my requests,Thanks~

SlaSh K

Best goggles for me. Great bright clear views, very good recorder and head tracker. The goggles are very well made and are very comfortable. Very fast shipping to Poland. Very good price. Shipping without extra tax :) Cool !!! Thanks!!!


I received the shipment by FedEx, everything came from China to Armenia in 1 week. The helmet is the best of all, it works properly. I recommend ordering from this official website.


Super happy with customer service and product itself. Shipped fast and the customer service responded quickly to my requests.


New V3.3 module indeed fixed rolling screen problems for me. Added ELRS backpack is great functionality too, I rarely have to click on the googles buttons now. Price may seem bit high to some, but this has almost Fusion/WildFire level of performance! And if you already own older module, you don't need to buy whole new one, just buy the Steadyview board for 30USD.


I can't believe there isn't a review on here for these goggles they are amazing they come with a excellent module that works amazing and then the hdmi port to use a hdzero or walksnail vrx I have both and they work amazing I bought this goggle when they first came out and have had no problems with it I actually prefer the box goggle its affordable and I think the Pic with the walksnail vrx is amazing I love the image I hope you guys come out with another version I love my cobra x